How To Kill A Skunk In A Trap. How to trap a skunk without getting sprayed. How to kill a skunk in a trap.

Skunk Traps SWCage
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Or throw something over the trap. Using a trap is also a great way to kill ground moles in your yard but you need a different kind of trap. How to trap a skunk without getting sprayed.

First, Cover The Live Trap With Black Plastic, Except For The Front Door.

Open the trap and let the skunk walk out and away; When trapping a skunk, cover the trap with a thick blanket during relocation or use a closed trap to avoid getting sprayed. The easiest and most effective thing to do, actually, is the trap the skunk in a live cage trap.

Best Way To Kill A Skunk With Cayenne Pepper

Firing a projectile this is the other method that will kill a trapped skunk humanely. Carefully place the bait of your choice inside the trap and check on the trap in the morning. • shooting, it only works if you are a very good shot or if you're using a cannon, because simply put even experts will tell you that only in about one in ten head shots that are instant kills will the animal not spray.

After Catching The Skunk In A Trap, Take It To A Large Body Of Water And Submerge The Trap Until The Skunk Is Drowned.

It is however, quite possible to kill a skunk without getting sprayed in return. This method is fairly risky, though, as the skunk may not drown or may spray before it is in the water. If you absolutely must kill the animal, using either a body grip trap or shooting would be better.

When Trapping Skunks, Place One Or Two Dorito Chips With Peanut Butter In The Rear Of The Trap.

*paypal* @[email protected] help me grow my homestead and make more videos by donating to me on paypal. The plastic serves to keep the skunk calm during the next phase, and will also contain spray if that should happen. Getting a cover over the trap has many advantages a few of which are:

Usually In Cage Traps, Often In Window Wells, Crawl Spaces, Etc.

The best way to kill a skunk is to trap it and a wire have a heart trap, cover with a tarp (skunk will chill out and not spray), attach a shopvac hose to the exhaust pipe of your car, and stick the other end of the hose under the tarp. Set the trap in the evening because skunks are nocturnal. After catching the skunk in a trap, take it to a large body of water and submerge the trap until the skunk is drowned.

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