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How To Clean Water Softener Salt Tank. Remove the salt plate at the bottom of the brine tank. A computer inside your water softener will keep track of how much water has flown through the resin tank and will begin a regeneration cycle when it is time for the beads to be cleaned.

Water Softener Maintenance Cleaning Out Your Brine Tank
Water Softener Maintenance Cleaning Out Your Brine Tank from

If you clean your brine tank frequently, just using a mix of about 1 tablespoon of dish detergent to one gallon of clean warm water will normally do a fine job of wiping down the walls and bottom of the brine tank. Disconnect the hose delivering water to the brine tank and water softener. Step #2 empty any remaining salt and water of the tank.

To Remedy This Problem, Start By Turning Off The Water To Your Water Softener.

Our water experts show you how to clean your brine tank in your kinetico water softener. If your water softener comes with a resin tank, you’ll first want to unscrew the bolts and disconnect the unit from the valve. The complete cleaning of the water will remove the components from the water softener.

How To Clean Out A Water Softener:

These resin beads are negatively charged. Can i use bleach to clean my water softener brine tank? Your system needs regeneration to purge the water.

Unplug The Water Softener Unit:

Disconnect the hose delivering water to the brine tank and water softener. This may require you to siphon or dump the water. For this reason, homeowners must add salt pellets to a water softener, and this salt is submerged in water to form the brine.

After You’ve Removed All Of The Salt, Fill Half Of A Wet/Dry Shop Vac With Water And Run It Over The Bottom Of The Tank.

Shut off the water supply Regular cleaning can easily prevent the water softener from working correctly. The first method is to unplug the unit of water softener and then unscrew the bolt to remove the resin tank.

Find Out From Your Owner’s Manual How To Set Your Water Softener.

At this point, you can clean the resin tank by using bleach and water before reinstalling the tank. Clean out the tank with soap water (dish soap will do the trick), scrubbing the insides of the tank. All salt used in water softeners, whether it is rock salt, salt pellets, solar salt or evaporated salt is a natural mineral that will contain impurities and possibly soil particles.

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