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How To Fix Door Lock On Jeep Cherokee. You'll have to look up a wiring diagram, then test continuity for the lock circuit for that particular door. Press and hold the lock button for five seconds.

Replacing the left rear door lock actuator / latch on a
Replacing the left rear door lock actuator / latch on a from

This was well over $1000 in parts that chrysler would pay for. )the door lock actuators on our 2000 jeep grand cherokee are all failing. For some strange reason (not discounting ghosts) the lock starting working again.

It's Your Electronic Actuator, And Yes There Is A Little Door On The Inside Of Your Jeep Down On The Bottom Driver's Side Corner Of That Door.

When locks are engaged all door locks work, but front door locks make a werring sound after engagement the same thing happens when unlocking. Not surw what it seems a problem…probably the cumputer mechanisym or something…but if i used manual key it works just the automatic unlock/lock failed. Removing your interior door panel to access.

You'll Have To Look Up A Wiring Diagram, Then Test Continuity For The Lock Circuit For That Particular Door.

The jeep cherokee is a line of vehicles sold by jeep under various vehicle classes. Turn the key to the run position and aim the keyless remote at the steering wheel. My sisters jeep door locks engage but only unlock driver and 1 rear door the other two just parshly unlock not alowing the door to fully open.

The Jeep Was Still Under Warranty When I Brought It In To Be Fixed.

Or tahoe, suburban, or yukon. 2000 jeep cherokee door locks. This was well over $1000 in parts that chrysler would pay for.

The Gears On The Actuator Must Have Bound Up Or Something And Now It Is Working, But I'll Have To Fix It Asap.

Reading the jeep manual i have they suggest it may be a faulty relay, but i cant seem to locate a relay for the power locks i have check the main fuse box under the. Most likely the door is not making (enough) contact with the plunger which shuts off the lights. My dealer decided the appropriate fix was to replace the entire inside panels of all four doors.

The Circuit Is Good, Then You Need To Replace The Drivers Side Door Module, 160 Bucks At A Dealer.

Push the lock switch on drivers door and the switch on passenger door will tick, push the lock on passenger door the locks will work. Get a free detailed estimate for a repair in your area. )the consequences of this failure is that it is not possible to lock the vehicle doors, or unlock the effected doors.

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