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How To Make Room Spray To Sell. First, test the room spray recipe with essential oil amounts as written above. Say goodbye to toxic air fresheners!

How To Make Room Spray To Sell Thebabcockagency
How To Make Room Spray To Sell Thebabcockagency from

Try this aromatherapy room spray to cleanse the air and knock the germs down. Follow this simple guide to create a custom scented room spray. 4 oz spray bottle (you could use 2 oz, just do less oils) 30 drops essential oil (aprox) 1 tablespoon witch hazel.

That Got Me Thinking That I Should Make A Few And Drop Them Off (At A Safe.

Shake well, then add the water. Place a funnel in your open spray bottle and carefully pour in your water, witch hazel (or alcohol), and add 20 drops of your essential oil blend. For a 2% dilution, add about 12 drops per ounce.

The Witch Hazel Is A Key Member Of This Party Because It Helps The Water And Essential Oil Combine Nicely So You Get A Good Amount Of Scent With Each Spritz.

Steps to make room spray: Water, essential oil, and witch hazel. Swirl to combine and let sit for a few minutes.

To Achieve The Perfect Fragrance Concentration, Add One Ounce Of Fragrance To Your Mixture At A Time, Testing The Strength Of Your Room Spray Scent As You Go.

Room & body spray base make your own body and room spray, cologne, perfume and more with our unscented base. Never pay $80 for a bottle of perfume or cologne again! However, if you don’t want to get the starter kit, you’ll need the following items a la carte:

Add 11.3 Grams Fragrance Oil

Add the solubiser to the measuring jug and add the fragrance/essential oil to the solubiser, mixing thoroughly. Here’s a basic recipe to get you going on your room spray. Per ounce of water (so if you have a 2 ounce bottle, use 3 tsp.

Per Litre Of Water, Use Approx 10Ml Inovasol To 10Ml Fragrance/Essential Oil.

(makes 1 four ounce bottle) ingredients: Use pure essential oil oils and not some sort of cheap essential oil. Say goodbye to toxic air fresheners!

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